Calgary recycling: ZERO WASTE. 100% REPURPOSED materials. Keep Calgary green and beautiful.

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Calgary Construction Recycling - About Synchor

Calgary Construction Recycling

From beautiful communities to the majestic natural environment, we live and breathe Calgary. That’s why we’re dedicated to keeping it green. With our ability to repurpose everyday, useful products from our recycled materials, we’re spreading the word not just about our recycling, but all Calgary recycling. We all need to work together to stop recyclable materials from being buried and our landfills from overflowing. If you’re not sure whether something can be recycled, just ask. Stop by with a sample or email us a picture, and we’ll help you identify what it is, if we can recycle it for you, or at least point you in the right direction.

We’ve become a leading Calgary asphalt shingle recycler because of our ultra-high efficiency ZERO-WASTE* recycling. Synchor never buries or ships your waste to landfills. We not only recycle 100% of acceptable waste, we also repurpose your waste. Having recycled and repurposed thousands of tonnes of waste that would otherwise have been buried, we’re doing our part to protect Calgary’s natural resources while providing our community with premium value for their recycling needs.

*All loads must be free from plastics and other garbage.

Fair and competitive pricing

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To ensure Calgary stays green, and gets even greener, we understand Calgary recycling services must be fairly priced for the public. That’s the only way to sustain the excellent momentum we’ve built up throughout our community. We’re dedicated to helping continuously increase recycling in our community by ensuring recycling your waste is never cost-prohibitive. And don’t forget to ask about our VOLUME PRICING.

Friendly recycling services

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Whether you’re a bin company, construction contractor, stockpile yard manager, or someone who simply needs to unload your waste—we’re neighbours. We always treat our fellow community members with the respect they deserve. You can look forward to professional service and neighbourly care as we help smoothly guide you through our simple recycling process.

With over 10 years in recycling, exterior construction, and waste management, we have the ecofriendly knowledge and hands-on experience necessary to keep Calgary GREEN.

Call, email, or drop off a load today.