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Calgary ASPHALT Recycling

Synchor Recycling Calgary: Asphalt recycling

Some forms of pavement recycling have been active as early as 1915. But the first sustained efforts to repurpose asphalt weren’t exercised until approximately 1974. We have a lot of catching up to do. Doing your part to help is easy—just drop it off at our location. You will save time and money by recycling with us instead of landfills. And you’ll be doing your part to support a GREEN CALGARY.

From millings to breakout and all other forms of used asphalt, our Calgary recycling facility will accept your used asphalt in as little as 15 minutes. With our zero-waste recycling policy strictly enforced, we then take your asphalt waste and transform it into our proprietary RaZphalt™. In addition to dust control, long-lasting RaZphalt binds together and sheds water better than standard recycled asphalt, ideal for driveways and parking lots. You can directly contribute to an energy- and cost-efficient green alternative for reduced harmful emissions. And the more RaZphalt we make, the better chance we have at lowering local taxes needed to pay for road maintenance.