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Calgary Hydrovac Waste Recycling

Calgary Hydrovac Waste Recycling

Hydrovac waste has traditionally been hard to dispose of in an environmentally friendly manner, contributing to overflowing landfills. We’re dedicated to continuously improving Calgary hydrovac waste recycling. Our hydrovac pit is approved by Alberta Environmental Protection (AEP) compliance standards.

We’ve made hydrovac debris disposal environmentally friendly, cost effective, faster, and easier for you. We’re able to separate the debris and repurpose the components for extended use.* You get to enjoy a convenient hydrovac waste disposal experience, plus the opportunity to directly contribute to a GREEN Calgary by keeping hydrovac waste out of landfills. Do your part to keep Calgary green by bringing your hydrovac waste to only AEP-approved hydrovac recycling centres.

Environmentally friendly and less expensive than landfills, you can also look forward to fast dump times. Dumping hydrovac waste at standard landfills or other Calgary recycling centres typically requires upwards of 2 hours of your valuable time, time that could be spent on money-making projects. With no dumping lines, Synchor hydrovac recycling will have you in and out in as little as 15 minutes. Dump your waste any time within our standard hours without needing an appointment.

*At this time, Calgary recyclers are unable to accept contaminated hydrovac. For example, we can only accept water, dirt, and gravel debris slurries. If you’re unsure about the composition of your hydrovac, you can bring us a sample for identification.