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Calgary Mobile Grinding Services for Recycling

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Whether your goal is to save time and money or you don’t have the means of transporting your waste, we can come to you for your wood and asphalt recycling needs. Our mobile recycling services can easily take care of your wood waste and used asphalt shingles. Recycling your waste materials helps reduce landfill pollution. Your recycled wood and recycled asphalt shingles also provide the materials necessary for repurposing. We breathe new life into those materials, allowing them to be put back to good use, which helps with environmental conservation and keeping material costs and taxes down.

Our Rotochopper grinder’s ability to grind your wood and used asphalt shingles in a single pass means fast removal of your waste for virtually no disruption of your projects. And our Rotochopper’s industrial-strength grinding also means you don’t need to prepare your wood and asphalt shingles for grinding (homogenous grinding only, shingles and wood must be separated prior to grinding). Contact us today to ask about the process of getting ready for mobile grinding for recycling.