Products Repurposed from Recycled Wood, Asphalt, and Shingles

RaZphalt: Proprietary Recycled Asphalt in Calgary

Razphalt Recycled Asphalt
Razphalt Recycled Asphalt driveway

Did you know asphalt is the world’s most recycled material? It is. We saw immense potential to optimize asphalt recycling to ensure less asphalt waste goes into landfills and more goes on the road and stays on the road. Based on industry research and community partnerships, we learned a significant volume of recycled asphalt wasn’t standing up to the rigors of Canadian conditions. RaZphalt is specially designed to deliver the long-lasting durability our Canadian climate demands. Our premier proprietary recycled asphalt is also designed to deliver excellent drivability.

What allows RaZphalt to last longer and offer a premium user experience?

We combine the best of 2 recycled materials—recycled asphalt and recycled asphalt shingles. This high-quality hybrid mix of recycled materials excels far beyond standard recycled asphalt. The high oil content derived from recycled asphalt shingles binds together and sheds water better than standard recycled asphalt. This makes for not just safer driving, but also a more durable and longer-lasting solution. RaZphalt also delivers a number of cost-effective attributes, including the ability to be transported, applied, and rolled in the same manner as traditional recycled asphalt. You’ll also get the added bonus of RaZphalt’s supreme dust control.

Feels good to drive on. Feels even better keeping Calgary GREEN.

Calgary Recycled Wood Products

Synchor Recycling Calgary: wood crush

Synchor offers the best use of Calgary’s wood waste. We recycle and repurpose 100% of the wood we accept. By purchasing recycled wood waste in Calgary, you play a pivotal role in mitigating the damage being done by our landfills. Synchor alone has kept thousands of tonnes of wood waste out of our local landfills. You also help reduce the amount of virgin materials mined and stripped from our natural resources, which has the positive byproduct of reducing energy consumption and harmful emissions. With less resources, less emissions, and a smaller carbon footprint, you’re also directly contributing to lower costs across a number of key areas.

We grind your wood waste and put it back into action. Our recycled wood is repurposed for a number of uses for long-term and daily applications. Synchor recycled wood forms the backbone of many useful products, providing excellent stabilization, solidification, and binding properties. From wood binding for construction materials to absorptive animal bedding, 100% of our recycled wood is put to good use to protect Calgary’s natural resources and save you money. Durable, convenient, and cost effective—this is one of the easiest ways to help keep Calgary green.

Zero Time Waste

Synchor Recycling Calgary: time

Another type of waste we prevent? TIME. The faster you offload your materials with Synchor, the faster you can get back to your projects and making money. No lines. No appointments needed. No hassle. Just show up whenever you need within our regular hours, dump your materials right away, and we handle all the rest for you—in and out in as little as 15 minutes. Just one of the reasons bin companies especially love us.

Helping the Environment Has Never Been More Cost Effective

Synchor Recycling Calgary: rca logo

You make money by getting in, out, and back to work quicker. And recycling is significantly cheaper than using an environmentally unfriendly landfill. There’s also long-term savings to be enjoyed by helping reduce material costs as the community uses less and less virgin resources.

We’re always transparent with our customers. So, we’re honest about making money by repurposing your waste materials. But that’s the only way to fund the recycling our planet needs. And that also allows us to give you the most competitive pricing in Calgary. Combine our affordability, quality services, ZERO WASTE policy, and no dumping lines for a true win, win, win. You get rid of your waste with speed and convenience at budget-friendly prices. We get the opportunity to repurpose your materials. The environment gets a second chance.

As members of the Recycling Council of Alberta (RCA), we’re dedicated to providing the honest, high-quality Calgary recycling necessary to keep our city green and clean and keep you on target with your projects. For you. For Calgary. For the environment.